The best countries for tourism in Africa

The best countries for tourism in Africa

Africa; considered as the oldest inhabited continent of the globe; is full of interesting and beautiful things to discover. It covers a large number of hidden attractions that you cannot see in other continents.

These include natural landscapes, historic monuments, shorelines and beaches, attractive cities and many other tourist sites. Most of African countries are included in the best destinations that eDreams; an online travel agency; suggests to travelers. Here are some of the best African countries that you should visit once in a while.

Discover Madagascar

Madagascar; the fourth-largest island in the world; is one of the best countries for tourism in Africa. It is well-known for its natural landscapes and wide-ranging wildlife species.

Many of Madagascar's fauna and flora are found endemic. Madagascar has thousands annual visitors from many other countries in the world. This is because the country gives opportunities to discover and experience a large number of attractions and activities to tourists.

Breathtaking mountains, large forests, stunning beaches, national parks, lakes and waterfalls are among the best things to see in this big island. When you travel to Madagascar, don't miss the following most visited places: 

  • Ranomafana National Park 
  • Isalo National Park 
  • Tsingy de Bemaraha 
  • Avenue of Baobabs 
  • Nosy Be 
  • Manakara

Seychelles: one of the best destinations in Africa

If you are a fan of natural views, Seychelles is one of the best destinations in Africa. The population, Seychellois, is formed by the combination of multiethnic from all corners of the world.

As islands, Seychellois's attractions are mostly characterized by stunning beaches, mountains, unusual fauna and flora. All this allows visitors to practice various activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, boating, fishing and many others.

The food is also really delicious in Seychelles thanks to many expert chefs that work in the local restaurants. Here are some of the must-visit spots when you travel to Seychelles. 

  • Anse Intendance beach 
  • Baie Lazare beach 
  • Ste Anne National Marine Park 
  • Vallée de Mai National Park 
  • Silhouette Island 
  • Bird Island 
  • Aride Island Nature Reserve

Why don't you choose Kenya?

Kenya is considered as an African paradise. This appellation is due to its abundant natural attractions that make the beauty of the country.

Kenya attracts a large number of people every year thanks to the many experiences that it offers to visitors from all over the world. The country is famous for its beautiful landscapes built by amazing mountains, attractive beaches, great desert, fauna and flora.

Kenya stands at the first place as an adventure destination for those who love discovering amazing creatures and inspiring life. Hiking, camping, sailing, climbing, fishing are among the best things to do in Kenya. Ones of the best spots in Kenya are: 

  • The capital City, Nairobi 
  • Mombasa 
  • Mount Kenya National Park 
  • Hell's Gate National Park 
  • Malindi coastline 
  • Lake Naivasha

Making a plan to visit African continent

Many of African countries are among the commonest destinations of eDreams' clients. So to make it easier, book your flight and choose the best place to stay online. All this can be done on eDream's website.