The most dangerous countries in Africa

The most dangerous countries in Africa

As the continent of Simba or the Black Panther, Africa has always been a fascinating destination for travelers. Africa is endowed with unique cultures and attracting corners, even if this continent has been through discoveries, changes, difficulties and war. However, it remains a wonderful continent to explore.

Africa, a cultural place

Africa is an immense continent. It is at the same time fascinating and mysterious. It attracts travelers in search of disorientation. It abounds in exceptional sites which will make travel lovers live unforgettable moments. In addition, Africa has the most amazing cultures through its multiple customs, religions and behaviors. In every African country, there are many contrasting cultures.

A continent with different Histories

Despite its marvelous sites, Africa has dangerous places. However, its multiplicity can cause misunderstandings. These are the most dangerous countries in Africa. 

  • Ethiopia: Even after 10 years of the war end with Eritrea, its relations with Ethiopia still remain tightened. Besides, there are internal problems. It's confronted with two separatist movements on its territory. 
  •  Burundi: Burundi has known civil wars for fifteen years. The main cause of the conflict is similar to that of Rwanda: the opposition between Tutsi and Hutu. The war ended in 2008 and elections took place in 2010. 
  •  Zimbabwe: Under the Robert Mugabe's authoritarian regime, who has been in power since 1980 as Prime Minister, then become President in 1987, Zimbabwe knew a wave of violence after the presidential election debated in 2008. Nevertheless, political situation gave signs of reassurance in 2009. 
  • Chad: Having problems with Sudan, an agreement was signed in 2009 which brought a pacification of relationships between both. In 2010, a mixed strength compound of troops of the Chad and of the Sudan was built up. 
  • Nigeria: The most populated country of Africa with its 155 million inhabitants knew an economic religious war in the center. Slaughters between Muslims and Christians caused 20.000 deaths over the last ten years 
  • Libya: Libya entered the civil war following the popular uprising of February, in 2011. Manifestations led to the fall of the authority of Mouammar Kadhafi in the east of the country, particularly in the city of Benghazi where the rebellion began. 
  • Somalia: Into a civil war since 1991, Somalia knew terror which resulted in political turmoil of more than 1,9 million people, which is more than 20 % of the Somalians according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

More than terror

Despite the wars, conflicts and other misunderstandings, Africa is still a continent which has many fascinating sites to explore. Visiting its continent requires precautions and advice. Therefore you don't have to worry.

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